Miss Amber
Miss Amber
Glamour A glamorous self-contained show

With considerable experience to her name, the time has arrived for Miss Amber to spread her wings and take on the lure of the open road; to bring her spectacular show to venues the length and breadth of the UK. Feathers, sequins, glamorous costumes, stunning feather headdresses, bouffant hairdos . . . it's all part of the legendary Miss Amber Show.

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Hostess Proven experience of hosting events
With irresistible enthusiasm, from corporate to celebration, Miss Amber is the obvious hostess choice for your event.

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Comedy Who doesn't enjoy some fun
Big laughs take the spotlight as Miss Amber brings unique comedy entertainment to your event.

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Amber is worth her weight in gold, just fantastic

- Brandy Babycham

Book her now, what are you waiting for

- Miss Orry

You can take the girl out of Funny Girls but you'll never take the funny out of this girl.

A legend of Funny Girls, which will never be the same again

- Zoe : Funny Girls, Blackpool

Ambers' worth the dabs . . . Telt

- Peggy Wessex